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Fundraising for a Playground: The first thing you need to do is to conduct an annual needs assessment of your playground. Determine what your needs are and prioritize them. You can’t raise money for everything at the same time. Link specific fundraisers to specific needs. Examples of your playground needs:

  • Number of kids playground is to serve
  • Types of specific age-appropriate features
  • Developmental aspects that you’d like playground to address
  • Inclusive playground to kids of all skills and abilities
  • Age groups of kids on playground
  • Seating and shaded areas for timeouts
  • Specific landscaping features and site preparation necessary outside the scope of the playground equipment (grading, drainage problems, concrete, fencing, landscaping)

Meet with your playground designer and formulate a plan that addresses these needs and a specific timeline to fulfillment. This can be done through:

  • Purchasing in phases
  • Leasing opportunities

Successful steps for a profitable fundraiser

  • Select a fundraising program and incorporate your playground designs & marketing material.
  • Planning session – Set financial goals, fundraising time frame and make sure you stick to the set time!
  • Alert community about fundraiser and the end goal—show pictures of your completed playground.
  • Promote fundraiser through parent letters, posters and community announcements.
  • Hold a “kick-off” rally, which educates the kids on the fundraising programs, and build enthusiasm to reach fundraising goals.
  • Start the fundraiser!
  • Monitor progress and provide encouragement and incentives to keep the kids motivated.
  • Once the fundraiser is complete, collect the order forms and money.
  • Tally the results.
  • Send tally form and payment to fundraising company.
  • Schedule delivery date with fundraising company.
  • Set time and place for student and parents to meet to pick up delivered products. Have parents and teachers to volunteer to help distribute product in an orderly fashion.
  • Check for damaged products and any mis-orders and make the necessary arrangements with the fundraising company for replacements.
  • Deliver merchandise.  A personal thank you letter by the students can’t hurt.
  • Find some time to appreciate the hard work that’s been done.
  • Contact your playground designer to see if the goal’s have been met & make any design changes.
  • Order playground equipment and prepare for installation day.
  • Site preparation and landscaping prior to build-day
  • New playground installation—OPENING DAY!!!
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